The Mindful Meditation of Coloring

A creative trend is on the horizon and it is gaining popularity among children and adults alike! Coloring is relaxing, stress-relieving, and meditative, serving as a creative mindful exercise that can be practiced anywhere!

So what is the purpose of these coloring books? There are several benefits of coloring and I am so happy to share my findings and experiences with you!

As adults, many of us search for our creative side, working long hours in the office which doesn’t allow for much creativity and inspiration. So, here are my findings… the reason to carry around a coloring book and doodle when it feels right! After all, the benefits are supported by science!

1. De-Stress and Reduce Anxiety

Coloring is a total de-stressing tool. Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist, studied the coloring of mandalas in the beginning of the 20th century. During his studies, he discovered his patients became less stressed and calmer through the coloring process. In recent studies, hundreds of adults have been affected by anxiety. Artistic expression helps those who struggle with anxiety as it keeps you in the present moment while also refocusing the nervous energy into creative expression.

2. Total Brain Activation

Coloring involves both hemispheres of the brain. “According to psychologist Gloria Martinez Ayala, the action of coloring involves both logic and creativity”[1]. Logic is used when we decide a color and pattern, however creativity is required when we decide what colors look good together and will complement each other in the design. Also, the actual act of coloring incorporates the use of our fine motor skills, which are involves both areas of the cerebral cortex[2].

3.  A Creative Spark

With long hours in the office, it is sometimes a struggle to stay creatively inspired. For adults, this aspect may be the most important for why we should color in our free time. By coloring, we are igniting the creativity within us. This will reflect into our daily lives and allow us to be inspired in all facets of our lives. Picking out our clothes, decorating our houses and apartments, and cooking dinner can all be creatively influenced, and coloring inspires the imagination!

So, if you see a coloring book and you are curious to know what it is all about, rest assured knowing there are several benefits to your childhood activity.

Coloring books are abundantly available including Michael’s, Barnes and Nobel, and even Walgreens!

In your busy day, allow yourself to relax and feel inspired. Coloring is good for your mental and emotional health, and will serve as a modern meditation and reflect in all aspects of your daily life!