The Art of Journaling: Watercolor 101

Where do you find inspiration? Have you realized your passion? What motivates you? Are you resistant when letting go of insecurities? What do you wish to accomplish?

These are all questions you can ask yourself when creating an artist journal. Art journaling is about finding your answers. Answers that you are inside of you but have not yet been revealed. It is about letting go of resistance, allowing a free flow of inspiration, for your work and your life. Creating an art journal may develop into body of work, or ignite a new passion in life. While you might feel resistance at first, when you release all feelings of hesitancy and allow yourself to create freely, new masterpieces are made! 

In art, nothing is precious and nothing is permeant, so create freely without worry.

When starting an art journal, you can use any materials that inspire you. For today, I have used watercolor and pen. I am keeping the materials simple to start. Let your journal grow organically, with materials and content. Over time it will grow and expand with the potential of turning in to an body of work. 

Watercolor is fluid color which is relatively easy to work with. Also, with watercolor, you can spend as much time as you like. If you sit down and give yourself 5 minutes to create a watercolor, chances are, you will create the most expressive, authentic, and aesthetically pleasing work of art.


watercolor paper, watercolor paint palette, bushes, pen, water, good attitude. 

Step 1: Finding Inspiration

I always begin journaling with a short meditation. Since we are working with a material that focuses on color, I will begin with a chakra meditation. Focusing on my breathing, I send loving energy to each chakra, starting with the root chakra and working my way up, ending with the crown chakra. Pay attention to colors or shapes that you experience. On some days you might feel or see one color more than another. That is ok, it is a just an observation. At whatever point you feel comfortable, begin to explore with your watercolor. 

Give yourself about 20 minutes to create a few different water color paintings. Remember, this is just the beginning of your journal so don't over think it! Breathe, let go, and create! 

Step 2: 

Once the watercolor is dry...

First, begin with a few moments of gratitude. We all have things to be thankful for, and by acknowledging these things, we are able to move into a place of unconditional love and acceptance of ourselves and everyone around us. What are you grateful for? Love? Abundance? Faith? And what are those things to you. By listing them, you are able to visually see all of the things in life that you have and are grateful for.

Step 3: Creating and Repeating

Practice this short process a few times over again. Begin with creating a watercolor background, practicing free writing and journaling. You might have your favorite quotes or poetry that resonate with you. Also, feel free to cut paper into shapes and explore with blending, doodling and layering. This is the time to merge creative expression with your inner dialogue. 

Congratulations! this is the beginning of your artist journal! From here you can explore a variety of  meditative techniques and artistic practices. Notice how you feel after an hour of creating. Do you fee lighter? More aware of your feelings and emotions? A sense of happiness and acceptance? This is just the beginning of creative introspection, with will unfold and develop over time.