Volunteering in Thailand & Cambodia // Donations Welcome

I am so excited to announce my trip abroad to Thailand and Cambodia. For two weeks in October 2016, I will be traveling abroad to volunteer in various cities and villages. On my trip, I will be working in childcare, rebuilding houses, and assisting at an elephant sanctuary. 

As many of you know, childhood education is close to my heart, and I have received an opportunity to share my love and knowledge with a community seeking support from volunteers. 

On site, I will be working with children in education settings, making sure they are cared for and have an abundance of resources available to improve their community. 

In addition, I will be spending time in a small village working with an elephant sanctuary. This sanctuary takes care of elephants that were once exploited for labor in the fields.

This trip is arranged through the Global Volunteer Network. You can find more information about volunteer trips at www.GVN.org  I will be joining a group and traveling with 20 other individuals from around the world who have a passion for helping others, so safety is not an issue. 

Your donations will cover the cost of this trip which will directly affect these communities and help those in need.

I will be visiting the following countries for 2 weeks beginning October 7, 2016: 

Bangkok (Thailand)

Turin (Thailand)

Siem Reap (Cambodia)

Angkor Wat (Cambodia)

Now accepting donations! 

I am currently accepting donations on two different funding sites. 

Generosity: Click Here!  

Global Volunteer Network: Click Here! 

To show my appreciation and gratitude, everyone who donates will recieve a handmade treasure from yours truly. 


Your contribution will improve the quality of life and create a positive impact for humanity.

Your donation will support the young people and animals of Thailand and Cambodia, which will spread the message of love and compassion to all. 

Love and Light 

Jamey Kahl