Featured Artists and Brands

We are so excited to announce the collection of artists and small businesses featured in the new Wheelhouse Art Studio! Our collection is still in the works!  But in the mean time, here is a sneak peak of a few great things we have to offer!

Habitat Soap Collective- Erin from Habitat Soap Collective, has created a special blend of chakra sprays made of yummy essential oil blends. Each spray coordinates the seven chakras, allowing you to decide depending on your mood. Essential oils play an active role in balancing the chakras.  These qualities may range from grounding and calming to refreshing and uplifting! Click the link above to see more information on Habitat Soap Collective. 

 Sailing Rosa . - These gorgeous kimonos are prefect for our hot summer weather! Dani Rosa and Nicolle Saylor, two creative and gorgeous girls from Brazil, have designed and handmade each item using stunning fabrics and prints. Their one of a kind pieces can be worn as a sexy cover up or dressed up for a night out. We cannot wait to see what these girls have in store, always evolving with their styles and designs. 

Tall Gypsy- Kirsten, owner of Tall Gypsy, puts so much love and time into her pieces, they are sure to please! Her wrap bracelets are made of leather and sewn beads, usually made of precious gemstones and Swarovski crystals. Often traveling back and fourth to Europe for work, Kirsten brings us an amazing collection of European vintage clothing from the 70s and 80s. Keep an eye out for her website launching soon. Until then, click the link above to see her instagram page.