Art & Mindfulness: Connecting to Self // Summer Studio Sessions

 Artists Packets 

Artists Packets 

Session #1

Art and Mindfulness is an expressive arts program offered at Wheelhouse Art Studio which incorporates mindfulness exercises and creative development. The program includes 6 art sessions which take place over the course of 3 months.

I am currently offering Art & Mindfulness for the second time, which includes art journaling, meditating, tie-dye, and creating altered books. I am thrilled to have some returning students as well as students who are new to the studio and the Art & Mindfulness program.

Over the next few months, I will be updating this blog with mindfulness activities, student artwork, and artistic processes explored over the course of the program.

I am so excited to share this journey with all of you. The development of this program has been something I have immersed myself in over the past few months, and my passion is to improve the well-being and artistic development of the individuals who have allowed me to guide them through this course.  

                                                                                            Artist Packets

Everyone participating in the course will receive an artist packet. I have hand selected materials that can be utilized throughout the course. Each artist packet includes:

 Supplies in Artist Packets 

Supplies in Artist Packets 

Mixed-Media Journal

Watercolor pencils

Paint brush set

Watercolor Palette

Coloring book

Modge Podge

Acrylic Paint

Drawing Pencil

Canvas Tote                                                                                 

 Session #1- Experimenting with materials 

Session #1- Experimenting with materials 

Journal Prompts

At the beginning of every session, I provide journal prompts for students to reflect and respond to using the art materials provided.

These journal prompts are intended to foster self reflection in an informal way. It also provides for students to track the development of their their mindfulness and creative expression over the course of the program. Journal prompts include:

Questions- What is the meaning of mindfulness? What are you hoping to achieve by the end of the course? What keeps you from creating?

As the program continues, journal prompt questions will become more involved, building off the questions asked in the previous weeks. This is a great way for students to be introspective, and for me to get a better idea of how I can make someone's time in the course more meaningful and productive.

Definitions- Create a list of definitions or words that are of interest. When words start to re-appear or gain significance, dedicate a journal page to each word. This can include magazine clippings, free writing, drawing, painting, and mixed- media materials.

The idea behind definitions is to be mindful, present, and observant in everyday life. Compiling a list of definitions is all about discovering terms that are signifiant to your journey of personal development, and ultimately creating connections in day-to-day life. Once you notice and become aware of certain words, they begin to re-appear everywhere. 

Mapping- Idea mapping is a great way to find creative content for journal entries and art work. Idea mapping begins with one word or idea, and expands into ideas that relate to the original thought. This is a brainstorming technique, and a great way to get your thoughts on paper when trying to develop a thought into a more complex idea. Idea Mapping visually traces the development of an idea, way of thinking, and patterns of thought. Mindfulness and idea mapping promotes paying attention to thought patters so they can be recreated and reflected upon at anytime. 

Below are a few pictures of student journal responses...

Altered Books

Each Art & Mindfulness course focuses on a final project that is presented at the conclusion of the course. For this course, altered books was the art process I chose.

What are altered books?

  Original Altered Book of the Tucson Gem Show by Jamey Kah

Original Altered Book of the Tucson Gem Show by Jamey Kah

Altered books are old books that will be deconstructed and reconstructed into works of art. The books used for our class were purchased at the local thrift store which were going to be otherwise thrown away or probably never read again. For this process, we admire and honor the books, as each person creates a new story and work of art.

This is an opportunity for students to explore any topic of interest. Topics may include:

A fictional story or children’s book

Exploring family history

A reflection and response to their experience in the Art & Mindfulness course

 Original Altered Book of the Tucson Gem Show by Jamey Kahl 

Original Altered Book of the Tucson Gem Show by Jamey Kahl 

I am excited to share developments and insights as our Art & Mindfulness program continues. The purpose behind this program is to create meaningful (and mindful) art. Art that is a response to feelings and ideas that arise during times when a person is present in their life. It isn’t about being perfect, or creating perfect art. It Is about responding to your authentic feelings and allowing them to flow through the materials and present themselves in visual works of art.

J. Kahl