Art & Mindfulness: Breathcentric & 7 Chakra Yoga Practice

Session Two: Breathcentric & 7 Chakra Yoga Practice  

For our second session of Art & Mindfulness on April 19th, You will be guided though a yoga practice synchronizing movement and art. 

We will move through an asana practice which focuses on syncing breath with movement as well as activating the Chakras though a variety of poses. The fluidity of a breathcentric practice creates a flow of energy through the body which releases stagnant and blocked energy. We will carry our breath through a series of poses, each one targeting a specific Chakra. Chakras are energy centers in the body which correlate with our endocrine system, syncing our physiological, spiritual, and mental bodies.

Our yoga session will be followed by a short meditation and sound healing which will carry over into art making which will include tie-dye and introduction to mixed-media tapestries. 

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